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This coming Saturday, August 2nd, is Pedal Fest 2014! Please join @elohssacycling @trafik_la @purefix and many others for food, music, art, and all things bike savvy including Gold Sprints 🚲💨 🚲💨 Art by myself, @dirtcobain, and Sara Flora will also be present in conjunction with the festivities 👊🚲🎨 🍻 Bring your bike and roll through @space15twenty!

There’s an amazing iPad game called “Monument Valley”. An Escher like, interactive geometry puzzle game. Being immersed within the geometric linearity of the #salkinstitute really taps into the vibe of that game. Check it ✌️📏📐🏢🔦 (at Salk Institute for Biological Studies)

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